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Forest fires wreak havoc from Garhwal to Kumaon

Increasing temperature has become a setback for Uttarakhand. The forests of four districts have been engulfed by flames due to wildly hot weather. Not only this, the wild spark of fire has reached the residential areas. There is a possibility of major losses.

The forests of both the areas of Garhwal and Kumaon are burning. The worst is in Srinagar and Haridwar, where crores of rupees worth of forest wood have been lost in the last 5 days. All efforts to extinguish the fire are also proved to be futile. At the same time, heavy forests have also become ashes in Haldwani and Bageshwar.


In the last five days in Srinagar many hectares have been burnt. On Sunday, forest fires reached Srinagar’s residential areas. Government Medical College in Shikot near Srinagar has also come under the flames, but in the name of security, some policemen were deployed. People say that the whole area is surrounded by smoke and it is difficult to breathe. Electricity lines and mobile towers have been damaged in the area.


Haridwar forests are also being burnt in the fire. As heat continues to grow, the fire in the forest has started. On Sunday, a fire broke out in the forest on the hill of Mansa Devi temple. Soon flames spread out towards a larger area.


The kind of fire burning in Srinagar and Haridwar, the same flames are rising in Haldwani. Here fire has taken hilly and meadow areas in its lap. Trees in several hectares of forest have been burnt down and further threat of fire growing uncontrollable remains.


There is panic in amongst people of Bageshwar in Kumaon region too. There is a fierce fire in the jungle forest in the village adjacent to Kapkot tehsil in Bageshwar district. The fire is continuously spreading and taking a formidable look. Animals are also suspected of harm in the raging inferno.

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