One more flyover to come up in Dehradun’s Balliwala chowk

In order to curb the accidents on the Balliwala flyover, the possibility of building another flyover parallel to the flyover made in the past has been searched. After order of Nainital High Court, Feasibility Survey was started to transform the Bauliwala flyover into a fourlane or double bridge construction. Its responsibility was given to Technical Consultancy Services. The company has completed the survey and construction of another flyover (double bridge) in Balliwala has been described as the most suitable. However, the Chief Engineer Highway, Hari Om Sharma, has asked to include the feature defect to make the flyover on the left or right side of the current flyover.

According to Chief Engineer Hari Om Sharma, the consultant had discussed about the report before handing over the report. The consultant told that if the flyover is being made on the left side coming from Ballupur Chowk, then there is a canal and sewer line is coming. In such a situation, the budget will increase in their shifting. If the flyover is made on the right side then it will be necessary to shift only the sewer line ahead of the Balliwila Chowk. Whereas, total land acquisition will be the same on both sides. This report is to be submitted to the High Court, so the Consultant has been instructed to assess the situation on both sides on the basis of merits / faults. So that it can be clear on which side will be more comfortable in construction. After this the report will be received from the consultant and sent to the government. The next decision on construction of flyovers will be subject to the order of the High Court.

90 crore will be spent on land acquisition

According to Chief Engineer Hari Om Sharma, about 90 crore rupees will be spent on land acquisition. Because, on any side, the flyover will be made, there will be an acquisition of about 7,000 sqm of land. Also the cost of utility shifting has also been added to it.

Features of the new flyover at Balliwala

  • Length, about 800 meters
  • Approach road on either side, about 100-100 meters
  • Width, 8.50 meters (double lane)
  • One-way traffic

If another flyover was built in Balliwala then the traffic will be operated in the old and new flyovers as one-way. While just on the double-lane flyover, traffic on both sides passes. Due to this, the accidents are also increasing here.

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