Australian entrepreneur offers $5000 to solve Marree Man mystery

An Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith, founder of Dick Smith Electronics and Dick Smith Foods, has offered a $ 5000 AUD reward for any information to help identify the person behind the renowned Marree Man desert artwork.

The geoglyph, located in an arid stretch of South Australia, appeared in 1998, but its creator has never been found.

At more than three kilometres long, it appears to depict a human figure holding a stick upwards. “There’s been so many different claims and the only one I don’t believe in is that it was done from outer space,” Mr Smith told ABC Radio Adelaide on Monday.

What is the Marree Man mystery?

Lines run through the barren earth, carved one foot deep and over 115 feet wide. Stretching over 2.6 miles, the lines join together to form an image of an Aboriginal figure wielding a stick or boomerang. This is the Marree Man, one of the world’s largest geoglyphs. In the 20 years since it first appeared in 1998, nobody has stepped forward to claim responsibility, giving rise to countless theories and investigations.
In the last Smith and his team have pored over images and videos, investigated the various theories, and reviewed the few pieces of evidence available — to no avail.

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