Locals protest against poor communication services in Talladesh

With the communication service stalled for the last four months in Champawat’s Talladesh, villagers’ anger is increasing day by day due to thousands of mobile phone users who are facing difficulties. On Sunday, the angry villagers burnt the effigy of BSNL and warned of protest demonstration after coming to the collectorate. Youth say that a mobile tower was set up on behalf of BSNL six months prior to communication service in the Talladesh. Receiving communication services, thousands of villagers from 22 villages of the area were relieved. Connectivity continued for two months. But the BSNL service sector has been stalled for the last four months. Due to this the mobile phones have been reduced to showpicies. Complaints have been made to BSNL officials several times in this case, but no action has been taken. The youth have sought to facilitate the service by burning effigy of BSNL.

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