Incessant rainfall breaks Hydro dam in Pithoragarh

The first showers of monsoon have shown ominous signs for the hills. Cloud burts in Munasari Bangapani and Dharchula tahsil caused disaster Himalaya Hydro Dam Dani Bagad. From this, there is information of three vehicles being washed away in the rain water. The rivers and streams have turned into raging torrent. Roads collapsed in many places. Munsiyari market was flooded with rain water; Two houses were damaged as well. People saved lives by fleeing safely from home. People woke up all night due to the weather. A woman has been reported dead after being buried in debris during heavy landslide in Gaula village of Madkot area.

Two heavy bridges in suranghati and jimigarh swept away with heavy rain. Not only this, the roads were closed off by falling debris from the hill near Dhaapa on Milam Route. The ITBP-helipad linking routes were damaged. Debris and water have penetrated in dozens of houses.

Heavy landslides occurred in Gaula village in the Madakot area during the continuous rain. In the meantime, a fifty-year-old woman was killed by submerging in the rubble. The woman was identified as Narayani Devi wife Swam Nandan Singh. On the information, the team of administration left for the village.

The water level of Mandakini  and Gori river is increasing. The water of the river Gori is flowing on the Baram market and on the road.

After three days of intermittent rain, continuous torrential rains continued since one o’clock late last night. The roads have been damaged.

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