Thailand cave rescue: 4 children rescued; stuck since June 23

Help from divers is now being taken to rescue 12 boys and their football coach stranded in Tham Luang cave in Thailand on June 23. The hard work of the divers has borne fruitful results. According to the information, 4 children have been taken out safely from the cave. Now 8 children and a coach are trapped inside the cave. The children evacuated from the cave are being transported to the hospital through ambulance.

In fact, after the failure of all the rescue operations, 13 foreign divers and 5 divers of Thailand Navy seals have been brought in to bring the children out of the cave. In this 10 divers are campaigning in the first phase. According to the plan, these divers are reaching the cave and from there one child is being taken out at a time with the help of  two divers. That is, there are two divers to take out every child.
According to the information available, the divers are taking about 11 hours to complete one round of the caves. It is expected that all children and coaches stranded in the cave will be taken out till 7:30 in the evening. This information was given by Narongsak Osatanakorn, head of the rescue operation. The divers of Thailand will lead this mission and foreign divers will be carrying oxygen tanks. Experts from 8 countries have been involved in rescue. Rescuers also include divers from Australia, UK and Europe and other parts of Asia.

This football team named ‘Wild Boars’ is trapped in the cave since June 23. These people had gone there after the practice and due to heavy monsoon rains, they got stuck in the cave. This incident has drawn attention from the whole of Thailand and the world. Officers were constantly struggling to evacuate the boys and their coach.

Although the rescue workers told that the evacuation of these children is changes from time to time because monsoon rain water can fill the cave with water. In the meantime, more than 100 holes have been made in the mountain so that another way to get out can be found and children are not bound to enter the tunnel and into the inside.

On June 23 the team named Wild Boars played a football match. Children wanted to have fun as usual after the game. Taking the cycle race, the team reached the cave but unfortunately got trapped inside.

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