RBI’s announcement breaks share-markets 7 day record streak

After the RBI credit policy, share market ended the day in red. After the RBI’s decision to increase the repo rate, the Sensex closed 85 points down at 37521.62. At the same time, the Nifty also closed 10 points down at 11346.20 levels. The Reserve Bank (RBI) increased its policy rates by 0.25 percent in the Bi-monthly policy review. As the interest rates increased, it broke the seven consecutive days record highs being registered by the sharemarket. However, in the initial trading, the Sensex had reached the record up to 37,711.87, while the Nifty touched a new height of 11,390.55.

Sensex creates new record high
– On the eighth consecutive day on Wednesday, the Sensex hit a new record of 37711.9.
– The Sensex reached the new record high of 37,644.59 on July 31.
– On July 30, the Sense touched the new record level of 37,533.50.
– On July 27, the Sensex reached the record level of 37368.62.
– On July 26, the Sensex crossed the 37,000 level for the first time and made 37,061.62 high.
– July 25 – Sensex hiked to 36947.18.
– July 24 – The Sensex went up to 36902.06 levels.
– July 23 – The Sensex has a record level of 36749.69.

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