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Uttarakhand tourism minister says lost plutonium pack in Nanda Devi reserve still active

Among the highest peaks in Uttarakhand near the China border, there is buried in ice somewhere Plantonium packs which are still active even after 53 yeras in Nanda Devi Biosphere reserve. Due to this, radiation can have an impact on the area’s environment as well as on the Ganges.

Tourism Minister, Satpal Maharaj recently expressed his apprehension during the meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi and insisted on conducting an in-depth inquiry so that the right situation could come out. Tourism Minister Maharaj said in a conference in the Vidhan Sabha office on Monday, that in the year 1965, India had to establish radar on Nanda Devi peak with the help of the US.
When the plutonium pack was being taken for it, then a snow storm came. In the avalanche, this pack was buried somewhere in the snow in Nanda Devi. However, in 1967 the Radar was installed by carrying the second plutonium pack, but the first pack is still buried there. He said that when he was a MP, then raised the matter twice in Parliament, but no answer was found.
He said that during the meeting with the Prime Minister in Delhi on August 2 this issue was put before him. He said that plutonium pack radiation leak could be very dangerous. The water of this glacier could also contaminate the Ganges. In such a serious issue a thorough investigation should be ensured so that there will be no harm from it.  He said that the Prime Minister took interest in it and said that its intensity would be examined.

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