Facebook accepts using user mobile number to show ads

Facebook has acknowledged that the company is using the phone numbers provided for security reasons for targeting them for advertisement.

In the TechCrunch report, the Facebook spokesman said, “We use the information given by the people to provide a better and more personal experience on Facebook, including advertising.”

The report said that Facebook used the numbers that the users make available for Two Factor Authentication (2FA). It is a security system that works as a second layer of authentication to keep the account secure. A Facebook spokesperson said, “We are clear how we collect information, including the phone numbers that people have put in their account. You can delete the number and personal information entered in your account at any time.”

Data theft of 5 million accounts

Facebook on Friday admitted that due to the bugs in its security, the account of 50 million, i.e 5 crore people had an impact. This social networking site says that the information of users was hacked by attacking its computer network. Hackers attacked a feature of Facebook code and reached the users’ account. However, the company has rectified this loophole and the security agencies have been given all this information.

More than 9 crore Facebook users were forced to logout on Friday, so that their accounts could be kept secure. Facebook says there is currently no information about the attackers, but further investigation is going on.

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