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Having a bad boss even worse that smoking cigarettes claims study

The fun of doing any job is doubled when the boss is good, but if the boss gets on your nerve, you may be a victim of depression. In a linked article published by Quartz Magazine, it has been revealed that for 75% of Americans the main reason for stress is their boss. It is reported that bad boss is more harmful than a cigarette for them. As mentioned in this article, the more time you work with a person who puts pressure on you. The more damage it is to your body and mental health.

According to Quartz, statistics from the American Psychology Association show that 75% of American employees believe that they are more stressed because of their boss. Due to the pressure 59% of employees do not leave their jobs. Statistics show that employees know this thing, they are not happy, but they get addicted to the job. Because of which it becomes difficult to resign. In addition, the employee is not motivated to find a healthier job that can improve their situation. Researchers from Harvard Business School and Stanford University in the United States gathered data from more than 200 studies and found that stress on work could be harmful to health. Which is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes.
Most of the employees were told that they are more stressed of the fact that their job doesn’t end or they should not be removed from the job. Because of this, these employees are suffering from 50% more health problems than their colleagues. If you have a good boss then you can reach career goals, but if the boss is bad then the future can be in danger. A bad boss is sometimes extremely aggressive, dangerous and even violent.

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