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Novelist who wrote “How to kill your husband”arrested by cops on suspicion of killing her husband

American origin author of romantic novels Nancy Crampton Brophy has been arrested for the murder of her husband, Daniel Brophy. Nancy’s 63-year-old husband Daniel Brophy was murdered on June 2. Nancy herself shared the information on her Facebook account. The special thing is that 68-year-old Nancy has written an essay on ‘How to kill husband’.

According to news published in Fox News,Romance Writer, Crampton Brophy has several books listed on sale on online marketplace Amazon. In 2011, Nancy wrote an essay about how many ways in which a woman can kill her husband. According to a website, Nancy had told about this essay that as a romantic suspense writer, I thought about the process of murder and subsequent police action for several hours. Nancy told that divorce was costly than murder.
According to biography written on Nancy, most of the author’s books are written on women empowerment. Nancy’s neighbors told a newspaper that after the death of her husband, Nancy was not very sad but was looking very normal. Right now the police has arrested Nancy on the basis of suspicion.

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