Over 700 metric tonnes of garbage removed from streets of Doon after High Court order

After the High Court’s issued strict order to clean the city of Doon within 24 hours, the government machinery ran from pillar to post on Sunday and Monday. Sanitation campaign was conducted at war-level in the city. In two days, administration and municipal teams collected about 710 metric tonnes of garbage, whereas in normal days only 250 metric tons would be collected. Municipal Commissioner Vijay Jogdande, along with District Magistrate SA Murugeshan, kept inspecting the smooth running of the cleanliness system going round the city. In the 60 wards of the city, 60 supervisors appointed by the district administration held a front in their areas and kept taking the report from the cleaning inspectors and supervisors. The administration is preparing the entire work plan report. Supervisors submitted the report to the District Magistrate on Monday. This report will be placed in the high court on Tuesday.

The High Court on Friday ordered the administration and the municipal corporation to clear the entire town of Doon on Friday, on the PIL filed by Dehradun resident Jatin. After this order, administration and municipal officials organized the entire plan on Saturday and started the cleaning work in the evening after visiting the city. However, the second Saturday and weekend holiday was also hampered in the work. The top officials of all the departments reached the duty, but most of the employees continued to enjoy the holiday.

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