Published On: Wed, Sep 12th, 2018

Over a million people told to evacuate in wake of hurricane Florence alert

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In the east coast of United State of America, in the wake of the threat of hurricane Florence, one million people have been asked to leave the area. With this powerful storm of category four winds can reach speeds of 220 kilometers per hour. South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster asked on Thursday 1 million residents of the eastern coast of the state to evacuate before the storm surge.

The governor of neighboring North Carolina has also asked people from Outer Banks and parts of coastal Derry County, to evacuate. While an emergency has been announced in Virginia. McMaster said that this storm is very dangerous. The order to evacuate the area is mandatory and not voluntary. The governor said in a press conference that we do not want to endanger the life of a single resident of South Carolina in this storm.
Hurricane Florence also warns of floods in Eastern American areas, where there is already heavy rains. US President Donald Trump said on Twitter that “residents of North Carolina, South Carolina and the entire eastern coast, this storm is very bad. They said, please do all the necessary precautionary measures. We have started mobilizing our resources so that we can handle them. We are there to help you.”

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