Alok Nath also accused in #MeTooIndia

After the Tanushree Datta case, now all the women have started to raise their voice on the exploitation against them. After allegations of sexual exploitation and violence against Nana Patekar, Kailash Kher and Vikas Behl, writer and filmmaker Vinta Nanda has accused Alok Nath of sexually assaulting her. Ironically, a few years ago Alok Nath had become subject to many meme’s on social media labeling him ‘Sanskari’, ‘Babuji’ etc.

Through an extensive Facebook post, Vinta put the whole issue open in public. Winta wrote the name of Alok Nath, “He abused me physically, when I was working for the famous show ‘Tara’ of the year 1994.” After this, statement of Alok Nath has also come out.
Not only did Vinta write her own story but during the show, she also mentioned the incident with the lead actress Navneet of the show. Whereas Alok first came after drinking alcohol on a set and then fell on Navneet during the shot, after which Navneet slapped him. Although Vinta has not written the name of Aloknath directly in this Facebook post, but the show and the manner in which the word ‘Sanskari’ has been used by Vinta clearly shows that she is talking about Alok Nath there.

In a long broad post, Vinta wrote, “His wife was my good friend, we came and went to each other’s house, our friends were the same, mostly from theater. I was writing and producing TV show ‘Tara’ those days, he was behind my lead girl, who was not interested in him. “

Will talk about it later- Alok Nath

On this whole issue, when the team of ‘Aajtak’ had a special talk with Alok Nath, he had said that in today’s age, if a woman accuses a man, then the man does not have anything to say on this matter. I know Vinta very well. At this time I would like to remain silent on this matter. They have the right to keep their thoughts. When the time comes, the right thing will come out. At the moment, I have tried to digest this thing. I will comment on this later.

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