Google adds ‘For You’ feature to Google Maps

Google is going to release a new feature in its Google Maps app. With this new feature, the user will get information about their favorite places and will be able to find them. This new feature will be called ‘Follow’ in the Google Maps app. Also a new button in the app will be called ‘For you’. This new feature comes in the Google Maps app for Android users. This feature will first come to countries where ‘For You’ tab is already available.

How does ‘For You’ feature work in Google Map

‘For you’ tab is coming soon to more countries. The company has informed in its blog post that this feature will tell you where the new store is opening and what is happening around you. Millions of people in Google Maps search for those places where they go through Google Maps. If you want to know what’s going on around you, then the new feature of Google Maps will give you information about that store even before that store opens. This feature will be very beneficial for those who love to eat and discover new places.

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