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Man travels 800 km in US to deliver pizza to terminally ill cancer patient

In the world filled with gloomy news, sometimes a news surfaces which restores faith in humanity. In one such news from the US, a restaurant owner in Michigan traveled 800 km delivered pizza to a terminally ill cancer patient. According to Fox News reports, Julie and Rich Morgan used to live in Michigan City for 25 years. There they often used to eat at ‘Steve’s Pizza’ which they liked very much. But then the couple shifted from Michigan to Indianapolis

Even after being Indianapolis shift, they always remembered ‘Steve’s Pizza’. The two planed a trip to Michigan to eat pizza. But before they went there, Rich’s health worsened. He stayed in the ICU for five days. Doctors told that he has cancer and will not survive for long.

In the meanwhile, Rich’s father called Steve’s Pizza to make the atmosphere of family happy. He said, can he send something like card for his son’s happiness? The restaurant manager Dalton did what was difficult to imagine. Dalton asked if you would like to tell which pizza your son likes. The Father told that his family lives in Indianapolis, 800 km away from Michigan. How will travel the 800 km distance? Dalton said that he would drive a car himself and bring the pizza.

Julie wrote on her Facebook post, ‘I was asleep and Rich. At night around 12.30 pm, Dalton knocked the door of our house. He also came with two extra pizzas. ‘ The post has since then gone viral on socialĀ  media.

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