Samsung-Apple fined for slowing users phones through software update

A penalty totaling Rs 126 crore has been imposed on two world-famous mobile manufacturer companies Apple and Samsung. Apple been has fined 84 crores and Samsung has been fined Rs 42 crores for slowing users’ phones it has been revealed in a report.

The whole process was a well thought out plan

It has been reported in the report that both the companies have done this work with entire planning. It was believed that after updating the operating system of the old phone, the speed of the phone will slow down and after that the customer will have to worry and get a new phone. This was the motive for benefiting the company in the overall run. The penalty has been imposed on behalf of Italy’s anti-trust authority.

Deliberately slow down the customer’s phone

The Authority also said that both companies are involved in unscrupulous commercial practices. Italy’s Competition Commission (AGCM) also said that both the companies deliberately slowed the customers’ phones on the pretext of software updates and spoiled their function, so that consumers can buy a new phone again.

Repeated notification for software updates

The report said that since September of 2016, Apple has been repeatedly sending notification of its software update to customers of their iPhone 6, which was made keeping in mind the next generation model, iPhone 7. The company did not tell the users that this update will make their phone slower and its function will get worse than before.

On the other hand, Samsung asked the Galaxy Note users to install a new version of Google’s Android operating system, which was made keeping in mind the recent Galaxy Note 7. Due to this update, old phones from Galaxy Note slowed down.

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