Scientists develop method to 3D print ligaments and cells

Scientists have developed the method of printing 3D cells to create ligaments (bone connecting tissue) and tendon (tissues connecting the bone to the muscle). It will be beneficial for patients suffering from damaged ligament and any problems of tendon or discs. Through this tissue damaged tissues can be repaired by using 3D prints of tissue. Scientists are very excited about this success. They believes that this will ease the healing.

Professor Robbie Bowles of the University of Utah said, “With this technique, the damaged tissue can be changed without removing the tissue without any surgery or other part of the body. As a result, the patient will also avoid suffering from problems that occur after surgery.”

How the cells are prepared

To prepare 3D prints, stem cells (cells that create new cells) are removed from the fat present in the patient’s body. These cells were then printed on the layer of hydrogel with the help of a 3D printer and made of ligaments and tendons. They were then developed in tubes. The researchers took the help of the US-based cartera company to create 3D prints. This company prepares microfludic devices for medicines.

Also possible to create complex cellular structures

Scientists say that the structure of both the ligaments and tendons is extremely complex. For this reason, making 3D prints of cells was not easy for them. Bowles said, ‘Complex cellular structures can also be made from new technology, whereas it was not possible with older techniques. With this help, cells can be transported to the precise place in the body.’

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