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UK couple buys hotel in Sri Lanka under alcohol intoxication

In alcohol abuse, you must have seen people doing weird things. Sometimes people do certain actions under intoxication which they regret later.In one such incident of alcohol intoxication a couple bought the entire hotel after getting drunk.

This incident happened in Sri Lanka, where a new married British couple Gina Lyons and Mark Lee had come to celebrate their honeymoon. On the first night at the hotel where they were staying, they drank around 12 pegs of rum. Not only this, they became fascinated by the idea of ​​buying the same hotel in which they were staying.

According to the news published in the British newspaper Mirror, Gina and Mark came to know that the lease of the hotel in which they were staying in Sri Lanka was expiring soon. After this they decided to take this hotel on lease after being drunk. Intoxicated, both started calculating and even made a business plan. Then both of them offered the hotel owner £ 30,000, or about Rs 29 lakh, in exchange for this hotel, which the hotel owner accepted. After this the deal was fixed at 15 thousand pounds during the first year and the remaining 15 thousand pounds the second year.

According to the couple, when they returned to the UK, the family members and friends both said they were fools and said the decision to buy the hotel was wrong. Although the couple did not change the decision to run a hotel in Sri Lanka. Gina and Mark officially become the owners of this hotel in July this year, and both of them changed the name of this hotel to Lucky Beach Tangalle.

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