13 dead in shootout in California

The sudden frenetic firing in California on Wednesday suddenly caused panic. In this firing, 13 people were killed including gunmen. According to information from the news agency AP, the incident of shooting was late on Wednesday night. According to information received from the police, the attacker fired several rounds of bullets.

The policemen said that this shooting took place in borderline bar. This bar is about 40 miles from Los Angeles. In this incident, the matter of firing about 30 rounds is coming out. This sudden attack caused a panorama.

According to Ventura County Star, this crime was done with a semi-automatic gun. One eyewitness told that the attacker had a gun, from which he was continuously firing bullets. The attacker also had a grenade.
The eyewitness told that the attacker threw a smoke bomb before firing. After this he started firing. The people present there wanted to stop. Eyewitnesses said that the attacker had glasses with a black jacket.
The other eyewitness said that he threw a smoke bomb and confused the people and started firing on the dance floor. This incident is close to 11:20 pm.

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