BHEL worker killed by elephant in Haridwar

An Elephant killed one person in BHEL, Haridwar. On Wednesday morning a worker in BHEL had gone for morning walk, where he was trampled by an elephant. When visibility increased in the morning, his dead body was seen by other pepopleout for morning walk and reported to the police. The police sent the body for post-mortem.

According to the police, Virendra Singh lived in Sector One, BHEL, Haridwar. His wife is a teacher in Bijnor and son is studying in Dehradun. Like everyday, he got out of the house early morning for morning walk. It is being told that at the same time an elephant went after the BHEL worker. He tried to save lives by running away, but the elephant crushed the 54 year old to death near Arya Samaj mandir.

Last year, in the Bhel Township, an elephant had created quite a scene. During that time, the elephant killed two people. The Forest Department had managed to catch the elephant after a lot of trouble and left it in the forest. For the past nearly a week, the Elephant sighting was reported in BHEL region.
Today, BHEL worker has been trampled and killed by the elephant. Thereby once again the panic of the elephant has been created in the BHEL region. The forest department is planning to capture the elephant again.

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