CM office to be opened in Nainital

The people of Kumaon region will not have to run the state capital Dehradun now to solve the problems of the Chief Minister’s level. A Chief Minister’s office is being opened in Nainital for Kumaon division. Chief Minister’s newly elected Secretary Rajiv Rautela will sit in this office regularly. This office has plans to be open-to-all for 24 hours. This is the first time that the Chief Minister office is being opened in some place apart from Dehradun. Due to the temporary capital and housing in Dehradun, the Chief Minister remains in Dehradun for much of the time. It was felt for a long time that the people of Kumaon Mandal have been facing difficulties in keeping their problems to the Chief Minister. With the introduction of the new system, the people of Kumaon can keep their problems in the Chief Minister’s office, which is going to open in Nainital. The Chief Minister himself will regularly monitor the problems in this office.

Given the problem of local people, this decision has been taken. Due to the high distance of Dehradun, people have to face difficulties in coming to the CM with their problems. The establishment of this office in Kumaon Mandal will solve the problems of the people locally.

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