Deepika-Ranveer return to India after marriage

Bollywood’s newely weded couple Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh appeared at Mumbai airport on Sunday morning. Stars had to arrive at 8 in the morning but the fans were waiting for their arrival since 6 a.m. As soon as the newly wedded couple came out of the airport, they were surrounded by fans.
Hundreds of people reached the airport to watch Ranveer-Deepika. After seeing this sight, Ranvir Singh thanked the fans for their love.
Ranvir Singh appeared wearing white kurta-pajama and pink jacket accompanied by Deepika in a cream colored suit with vermilion on her forehead & mangalsutra around the neck . The wedding of the couple was held on 14-15 November in Lake Como, Italy. This marriage was kept very private by both stars. After the Fairytale wedding of Deepika & Ranveer, there will be reception in Bengaluru on November 21 and Mumbai on November 28.

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