Elephant menace in BHEL Haridwar

Haridwar Forest Division and Rajaji Tiger Reserve team took an Elephant that had into the residential area at BHEL.
Nine hours after capturing & reloating the animal, another Elephant was seen in the BHEL premises. This has made the atmosphere of panic in people again. On the other hand, the Forest Division has deployed the team to stop elephants after getting the information.

The Haridwar Forest Division and the Rajaji Tiger Reserve team on Friday captured the stray Tusker Elephant from the Material Gate of BHEL. After this the team were celebrating there success when news of another elephant being spotted in BHEL reached them.

Forest department was informed that on Friday night, another Elephant with one & a half tooth tusker was seen near BHEL Sector one. These elephants ran behind many vehicles at night. There was no loss of any kind reported till now. It is being said that Tusker, who has a toothed teeth, has already wrecked terror. Elephants are often seen in the winter season on routes near BHE.

These elephants run behind after seeing people or vehicles. Earlier a BHEL employee out for a morning walk was trampled to death by the wild animal.

People in panic by the arrival of leopard

The spotting of Leopard (Guldar) from BHEL suburban to Roshnabad has increased a lot. There are about five leopards in the entire area. In the BHEL Sector one, Guldar is seen more in the back market area. Two days earlier the local residents in the school had seen the leopard and are gripped in the shadow of fear.

Forest department teams have been deployed to dispel the elephant. All have been instructed to be vigilant. People are also being asked to take precaution. Also, every possible effective effort is being made to prevent any kind of loss including loss of life. There is also a plan to catch Guldar.

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