Facebook will now allow users to keep track of time spent on site

The social networking website Facebook has launched several new features for its millions of users. About four months ago Facebook had announced that soon the feature will be brought to the user’s site to track the time spent on it. Now Facebook has started this feature, this tool has been named ‘Your Time on Facebook’. With this help you will know how much time you have spent on the social media site.

Access available on iOS platform

Media reports have claimed that the company has started the new feature for all users. You can see this feature on the iOS platform right now. If you also want to know how much time you spent on Facebook and Instagram in the week, then first of all, login to the Facebook site or app. After this you click settings and privacy. Here you will find an option named ‘Your Time on Facebook’. Click on it. Clicking will tell you how much time you spent on the social site.

Information will be available for everyday of the week

You will get this complete information by the day. For example, you gave Facebook 25 minutes on Monday. On Tuesday, the time has increased to 40 minutes. In this way, according to different days, you will be able to know throughout the week how much time you have spent on Facebook or Instagram. If you are addicted to Facebook and you run Facebook more than the limit, you can set a limit here too. You will get a notification when you reach the fixed limit.

Feature launched on Instagram

In August, the social media giant had said that the new feature will soon help users manage their time. It was also stated on behalf of the company that time tracking feature will help in communicating between guardians and youth. You will get more options in Facebook’s newly launched feature. This feature has also been added a few days ago on Facebook owned Instagram under the “your activity” option.

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