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Louisiana couple finds lottery ticket in trash; wins $1.8 million

It is said that if something s written in your destiny then it will come to you no matter what. This fact proved true recently, when a couple got a lottery ticket in the garbage and they won millions of dollars from that lottery.
Actually, this is the matter of Louisiana of America, where a couple, won $ 1.8 million or about 12.68 crore rupees from a lottery ticket in the trash. However, after tax deduction they will get only $ 1.27 million or 9 crore rupees.
Harold and Tina got this ticket while cleaning the house. According to a report of livemint, this ticket was of the June 6 lottery lotto draw and it was also a long time since the result was declared.
At that time, they were looking for this ticket, but it was not found, but luckily they got the ticket before the last date of making this claim.
According to the couple, they come from somewhere and were cleaning the house when they found the ticket near the night stand, which they had not checked previously.The jubilant couple then looked at the lottery’s website and found all the winning numbers and they had time to claim it.
According to the rules, after the announcement of any lottery, its reward can be claimed in 180 days. If the ticket was found 15 days later it would not have been valid.

In a similar case of sheer luck a man from New Jersey won 3 lotteries in a single day.

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