Ozone showing signs of recovery as per new UN report

A new report from the United Nations states that the protective ozone layer of earth is finally recovering from damage caused by aerosol spray and coolants. The ozone layer has become thinner since the 1970s. Scientists informed about this danger and the chemicals which weaken the ozone were gradually stopped being used in the whole world.

According to a scientific assessment released in a conference held in Quito in Ecuador on Monday, the result will be that by 2030, the upper layer of ozone will be completely rectified on the upper hemisphere and the Antarctic ozone hole should disappear by 2060.
At the same time, this process is somewhat slow in the Southern Hemisphere and its ozone layer will be able to cure itself till the middle of the century. NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center’s chief earth scientist and co-head of the report said, “This is really good news.”

He said, “If the elements that make the ozone deplete were still used, then we would have seen frightening effects. But we stopped them”. Ozone is the layer of Earth’s atmosphere that protects our planet from ultraviolet light (UV rays). Ultraviolet rays are responsible for skin cancer, damage to crops and other problems.

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