Plans to develop underwater rail network between Mumbai and UAE

UAE can soon make such a train, which will be able to reach Fujairah (UAE) from Mumbai in just a few hours. The most important thing about this train is that it will not run on land but on water. United Arab Emirates (UAE) is working on this underwater train network for this train.
Founder Alshehi of the National Advisor Bureau Ltd, UAE’s Council of National Advisor, says that this floating underwater network will benefit not only UAE but also India. This will increase bilateral trade between the two countries. Import of oil from Fujairah port and export of water from Narmada river in the north Mumbai will increase. At present, this product will have to go through many aspects to pass. This entire rail network will be less than 2,000 km.

Not just UAE but China is also planning to create such underwater network to connect with Russia, Canada and the US. Along with it, India is also planning to connect Mumbai with Ahmedabad by Underwater train till 2022.

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