Samajwadi party candidate in MP reaches with fleet of 500 cars as show of might

Nominations are being filed for the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh. Some leaders are filing nominations peacefully, and some are leaving no stone unturned to show power. In the same episode, Mira Deep Narayan Yadav, Samajwadi Party’s candidate from Niwadi assembly of Tikamgarh,  reached with a fleet of 500 cars to file nomination. The eyes of the police and election officials were stunned on seeing so many vehicles.
However, it proved to be costly for SP candidate Meera Deep Narayan Yadav. On getting the vehicle in such a large number without permission, the police administration seized their three hundred cars and proceeded under section 188 of IPC. At the same time, party workers say that Samajwadi Party, stopped all the cars at a hotel near Jhansi Road, three kilometers from the Tikamgarh collector’s office for not having permission, and according to the Rules of the Election Commission, the candidate reached  reached the collector’s office for  filling the form with three vehicles.
Returning officer of Tikamgarh G.K Jaiswal said that the Samajwadi party took the acceptance of the meeting. But the permission for the vehicles was not taken. According to the rules of Election Commission, the cars have been seized.

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