Truck falls into Tehri lake; search operation on

On Saturday night, a truck fell in Tehri lake of Tehri dam. Three people, including the driver, are missing in the accident. While a person aboard a truck got injured after falling off the truck at the time of the accident. On Sunday, on the information of the incident, THDC’s Diver and water police ran an operation in search of the missing people in the lake but they could not be found.

On Saturday night, at around nine o’clock in the night, about two hundred meters ahead of Pippaldi bridge a  truck, became uncontrollable and entered the lake in Tehri dam. Tejpal Singh (25 years old), son Jethu Lal, Suresh Lal (35 years old), son Bharat Lal, are missing.

In the accident, Rakesh Lal (44 year old son) fell out of the truck, causing him to be injured. The injured Rakesh Lal said that four people were in the truck. Rakesh was taking mules from Lal Pata village in the truck. The incident was reported on Sunday to the Police Statio. On which the police, THDC team and water police entered the lake in search of the missing people after taking a boat in the morning. A crane has also been called from Haridwar for help. The relatives of the missing people also reached the spot.

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