World’s first ‘underground’ opening soon in Shanghai

The world’s first underground hotel has opened in Shanghai. This hotel due to its unique construction is among the hot topics for discussion. This five-star hotels have been built inside a 90 m high rock of the Sheeshan mountain range of central China. Its name is Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland. This hotel is expected to start from December 1.

The two floors of this luxury hotel are above ground and 16 floors are below ground, out of which two floors are under water. Spread over 49,409 meters square, this hotel has 383 rooms for tourists. The two floors of this hotel are also surrounded by a 10 meter deep aquarium.

Room surrounded by aquarium is the highlight of Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland. Source:

The highlight of this hotel is the glass waterfalls. The cost of construction of this hotel is about 20 billion rupees. Waterfalls have been built in the center of the hotel, which will make the tourist experience more spectacular. Apart from this, activities like bungee jumping and rock climbing can also be enjoyed by the beauty of nature.

One night stay cost at Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland

Bookings for this five star will start next week. The initial fare of one night stay is about Rs 35 thousand. It has been completely eco friendly so that the environment is not harmed. The hotel has been built by the British firm Atkins. Atkins has also built Burj Al Arab in Dubai.
Jason Huchings, Senior Design Director at SNC-Lavalin’s Atkins, said, “This hotel offers an example of everything that we tried hard- sustainable, innovative, unique, and inspiring. Its credits goes to our client and our design team.”

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