7.1 magnitude quake hits near Antarctica

Strong earthquake tremors were felt on Tuesday morning in the Antarctic region surrounded by the Southern Ocean. According to the United States Zoological Survey, earthquake intensity at the Richter scale had been pegged to 7.5. The earthquake came at around 3 o’clock on Tuesday morning. The main center of the earthquake was Bristol Island, 48 kilometers north of the South Sandwich Islands. Its center was within 164.7 km of earth and later its intensity was measured to 7.1. Sandwich Island is under UK and many volcanoes are active here. Scientists are researching that no volcano has become active after this earthquake.

Antarctica is the world’s coldest, driest continent with strong winds. It is covered with snow throughout the year, so Antarctica is also called ‘cold desert’. The United States Zoological Survey (USGS) said that after some earthquake, some places of ice have seen a stir. What has been the impact of earthquake is being assessed.

All longitude lines defining time zones meet on both poles of this continent. 99 percent of Antarctica is covered with snow. Life here is very difficult. There is also a nuclear power station and a fire station. There is no permanent population here.

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