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Avoid smartphone for one year and you could win $1 million

Just imagine if you can win a million dollars by not using smartphones for 1 year. There is a condition of not using a smartphone for a week or two, but for a full year. During this time you cannot borrow and use someone’s smartphone If you accept this challenge, then you can win the prize of one million dollars (about 71.82 lakh rupees).

Merely accepting the challenge won’t work, the contestant will have to prove their mettle the whole year. After completing one year, there will also be a Lie-Detector test of the person participating in the competition. After completing these obstacles, the prize will be received.

According to the news released by Dailymail Online, this competition is being organized by VitaminWater, a private company. Under the rules of competition, the participant will have to stay 365 days without a smartphone. You can take part in the competition till 8th January. The participant has to put a photo on Twitter or Instagram along with the #nophoneforayear or #content. It has to be written with why they want to live without a smartphone?


Considering the difficulties of the competition, a 3310 phone from Nokia will also be given by the company. Keeping this in view, the company is giving a relief even if the contestant should not be cut off from the whole world. One particular thing is that after participating in the competition, if the competitor is able to live without a smartphone with full truth for six months then he will receive a reward of 10 thousand dollars (about 7 lakh rupees). The competition is a bit difficult, but will teach you to be without a smart device, which will be a great relief in your life. This will not only help you get rid of many physical but also many mental illnesses.

People participating in the competition are giving a variety of reactions

People participating in this competition are giving various responses to social media. One Twitter user wrote, “I will stay away from my smartphone to take part in the #nophoneforayear #content. I understand, the smartphone is just a waste of time. This will also help me in studying my graduation final year. “One user wrote,” I am so accustomed to social media that it is affecting my marriage. I do not spend time with my family. After taking part in this competition, I will be able to spend time with my family, I will save my marriage. “One user wrote,” I want to pay my studies and pay all the credit card bills. Therefore, I am participating in this competition. ‘

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