Confusion prevails over TRAI’s new DTH channel guidelines

There are now only two days left in the new TRAI rule to be implemented. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recently issued instructions, after which the Broadcast Sector has to give its customer the option to select the channel and pay accordingly. After TRAI’s order the news was coming that the service of already subscribed channels could be interrupted. Although TRAI has denied it and given clearance in the whole matter, confusion still prevails in the minds of the consumers.

It has been said in the report released by TRAI that “we want to make it clear that due to the new rule there will be no obstruction to TV broadcasting service.”

However, its impact will depend on your pocket, it will depend on your cable operators and DTH service providers. At present, DTH service providers are also engaged in making their packages based on new prices. So far, they are providing information on new packs to consumers through DTH service providers websites and their channels.

Although the time is short, and the first question in the mind of the common consumer is, what will happen after December 29, will the same packs be issued, or will they provide new packs of DTH service providers? There is still confusion about their prices.

Pay Rs 130 for free to air channels

It is clear that till now the free-to-air channels you were viewing for free will no longer be available for free and for that you have to pay 130 rupees, which will be 18 percent GST. Apart from this, most of the channels seen in Hindi are from Sony, Zee, Star and Colors. There are also some others whose news channels are seen.
If you look at the prices of the A la carte and the banquet channels announced by the broadcasters, it seems that as far as choosing channels of your choice, there are some channels packages that are less expensiveas compared to others. Will happen. However, DTH service providers have not made any information available to their customers so far as to how to update their packs.

It is being said that your expenditure will increase. At the same time, TRAI’s new rule says that you will now see the same channels which you want and you have to pay for them only. Based on this, broadcaster has given the prices of channels on the basis of banquet and a la carte on their websites. The banquets include those channels which are most viewed by the user.

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