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Engineer kills colleague over tiff in Rudrapur

An engineer in the transit camp station area in Rudrapur crushed and murdered his colleague with a  stone.
According to the information, there was a dispute between the two after returning from their senior’s birthday party.

Rohit Kumar, aged 23 years old  from Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh lived with his colleagues at Transit Camp. He used to work in the company of Air SIDCUL of Rudrapur.

On Thursday night, they went to the birthday party of Villa No. 58 Jyeshtha Colony in Teen Pani Dam Transit camps. While returning from the party, Rohit had a dispute about his talk with his colleague on the bike.

The coworker was so drunk, that when he fell down during the battle with Rohit, he struck him with a sharp stone and killed him. The guard on duty at the colony gate of villa no. 58 gave information. Rohit was admitted to the district hospital through the emergency service 108, which arrived at the notice.

Where the doctors declared him dead. Overnight, the police vehicle were on the lookout for the accused.

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