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Fake degree row hits Kumaon university

A foreign study group has been busted for creating several fake degrees of Kumaon University, . A dozen degrees of Kumaon University have been sent for verification through World Education Service on behalf of the Canadian High Commission are suspected to be fake. 12 degrees have come out fake. Most graduates go abroad for studies. In view of this, this gang could be running an international racket, the department is preparing to file an FIR. At present, the names of the degree holders have been sought from the agency.

The Department of School Examinations gets degree verification from various sources. It is main objective is to verify the authenticity for government jobs or to study abroad. Dr Ritesh Sah, assistant director Department of the examination suspected the degrees to be fake. Upon further investigation of the records his suspicion increased. There was a diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Professional MBA, B.Tech. Degree which was not given by the university. On Friday, Dr. Sanjay Pandey, the Controller of Examinations, gave information about this to  the Vice Chancellor Prof. DK Naudiyal. The Vice Chancellor informed that soon a lawsuit will be filed in the police against the degree holders. According to the Vice Chancellor, the 12 degrees which came out fake in the investigation, there are eight male students and three female students. Two degrees validation was found on Friday, one of them also came out fake.

Signature of former Vice Chancellor in Degree

The degrees sent to the verification were found to be fake in the first place. In these degrees, former Vice Chancellor Prof. HS Dhami is bogus signed as a registrar. While Director Higher Education, the Assistant Registrar is a fake signature of the examination. In a degree of 2018 a signature of former Vice-Chancellor CP Bartwal isprinted. While Prof. Bartwal was Vice Chancellor ten years ago. A student from Maharashtra interested in admission in BEd was also found to hold a fake degree. The degree format also does not match the format of Kumaun University. Seal and signature have also been bogus. The university suspects that this gang is going on to make fake degrees. That can be the same person. However, the bribe of bogus degree is also tarnishing the credibility of the university. There were also fake marksheets at the university level.

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