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Intoxicated youth drives car on runway at Berlin airport

On Saturday, at a Hannover airport in Berlin, a young man crossed the gate & reached the runway while driving his car, after which the airport had to be closed for a few hours. According to the news agency Xinhua, a BMW car was rushed to the runway of the airport at 3.30 am local time, due to which heavy police teams and explosive teams were deployed. There was a license plate of Poland on the car. According to the Hanover police, a 21-year-old Poland man reached the runway and drove his car on the runway. Police stopped the car and the driver was detained. Due to this major security breach, all flights to and from the airport were cancelled as precaution. At about eight o’clock flights were started again. Initial investigation of the person was found that due to intoxication his cognitive abilities were impaired. No dangerous item had been recovered from his car.

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