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Kerala couple’s unique wedding card goes viral on internet

A couple of Kerala made their wedding card so creative that, Shashi Tharoor himself could not stop himself from congratulating them on Twitter. Shashi Tharoor tweeted this couple and gave a lot of greetings. Not only this, their wedding card is becoming very viral on social media. People are giving funny feedback on this card.
This card is the wedding invitation to the couple named Soorya and Vithun. Both of them printed their wedding cards in a scientific manner. Instead of the bride and groom on the card, they introduced themselves to two atomic names, whose symbols placed Sa and Vn.
In order to call the guests, they wrote a note, “Both atomic pairs have decided to become molecules from their parents’ activation energy.”

On the date of the marriage, wrote ‘Reaction’ on the card and said Venue as ‘Laboratory’. Not only this, the love of each other was shown to the world by making a diagram on the card.
Seeing the chemistry and biology of this science. At the same time, people were unable to control themselves and many comments were received on the unique wedding card.

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