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Man takes tinder date to funeral

A girl on Twitter has revealed how a person through Tinder invited her on the first date and took her to a funeral. The boy had called the girl in the black dress. The girl thought that some romantic surprise might be in store for her.

Rachel, a woman living in England’s Leeds, has narrated the story of her bad date. However, the man’s name has not been disclosed. The boy took the girl to his grandmother’s funeral. The story of the girl’s “bad date” on Twitter became viral. The boy had said before meeting the girl- “wear a black dress and I would surprise you.”

During the funeral, the boy had grabbed the girl’s hand and was constantly crying. The girl said that she had to constantly support a stranger in compulsion. After picking the girl in his car, the boy stopped the car in a place where a funeral ceremony was taking place, then the girl thought that maybe the petrol was over. But immediately she got the real sense of reality.

A few weeks ago, the boy had broken up with his girlfriend, after which he needed a partner for the spot. The boy also admitted that if he had told her earlier then the girl would not have met him. The girl said that it was strange to call Uber at the place of funeral, so she was stuck till the ceremony was over. Later the boy took the girl to the house too.

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