Massive protests erupt in Paris over hike in fuel prices

France’s most horrific riot in the past 50 years occurred in France’s capital Paris. There have been violent demonstrations on the issue of inflation and 400 people have been arrested. On Saturday, thousands of people were on the streets of Paris. In many places, demolition has been done, cars and other items have been set on fire.
The police spokesman said that a huge clash took place between the police and the protesters after the huge number of people protested against the increase in petrol prices and hydrocarbon tax increase. Approximately 36,500 people participated in the protest.
French President Emmanuel Macron took stock of the damage caused by the violent protests of the entire Paris in protest against the government’s increase in tax on Sunday and an emergency meeting. In this, Macron announced a detailed discussion with anti-government activists. It has been said in a statement that Prime Minister Edward Philip has been asked to meet the organizers of the demonstrations and the leaders of the parties.
Around 53,000 people took part in another exhibition last week, while about 113,000 people participated in the exhibition a week ago.
Home Minister Christophe Castaner tweeted Saturday that 1,500 miscreants entered into a group of about 200 people protesting peacefully, and created havoc at Champ Elysees. In the video being shared by the French police, some protesters can be seen to mark the vehicles of the police and break their glass. In another video, burning cars and  tear gas shells can be seen.

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