Nagar Nigam Dehradun increases house tax rates

As soon as the elections are over, the Dehradun Nagar Nigam has increased the rates of house tax in Dehradun. It will affect about one lakh families living in the municipal area.
The monthly rates for the 200 to 500 square feet carpet area have been increased by Rs 45 to Rs 225 per square foot. Rates are determined according to the width of the roads and the type of building. Where the roads are wider, the higher the tax. At the same time, rates have also been fixed on the basis of Permanent structure, RCC, RBM Roof, temporary house i.e; in such residential plots which are not constructed.

House tax rates are high in 14 wards including Rajpur, Sahastradhara Road, Jakhan, Krishna Nagar. At the same time, rates are low in 12 wards, including Gandhi Gram, Sridev Suman Nagar. These rates will not be effective on 40 new wards in the corporation. Tax will not be collected from these wards for 10 years. New rates will be effective from April 1, 2018.

After the year 2014, new tax rates have been implemented

Municipal administration has implemented new rates of building tax after the year 2014. Three months ago, the new rates were to be implemented after hearing the objections. However, due to municipal elections, it was postponed. After the formation of a new board in the corporation, Municipal Commissioner Vijay Kumar Jogande issued his directives on Monday. New rates will be considered applicable from new financial year.

He said that on behalf of the municipal administration, more than Rs. 10 crores per year is spent on garbage, cleaning, etc. In such a case, it is necessary to increase house tax. The city’s population is seven and a half lakh. Whereas the number of residential taxpayers is still only one lakh. However, the corporation administration is going to conduct the survey soon to add the remaining taxpayers. New taxpayers will also be charged house tax according to new rates.

Increase in revenue from new rates

In the last financial year, the municipal corporation had levied a house tax of nearly Rs 20 crore from residential taxpayers. In this financial year, a target of recovering tax of 25 crores has been made. There is a possibility of further increase after the new rates are implemented.

For example, at Rajpur Road, the annual value of property comes to Rs. 9000 per 500 sq ft (Carpet Area) building at Rs. 1.5 per sq ft. Per month. On which house tax is charged by the Municipal Corporation for 12.5 percent to 1125 rupees. In such a situation, if the new rates for such carpet area are applicable to Rs 1.80 per sq ft per month, the property’s annual value will be Rs 10,800. In such a situation, the building owner will have to pay an additional 225 rupees per year on an annual basis of 12.5 percent.

Old house tax rates in Dehradun


Carpet Area Monthly Rate Annual Value House Tax
200 0.75 1800 225
300 1 3600 450
400 1.25 6000 750
500 1.5 9000 1125

(Monthly rate per square foot per month)

New house tax rates in Dehradun to be effective from 01 April 2019

Carpet Area  Monthly Rate Annual Value House Tax
200 0.90 2160 270
300 1.20 4320 540
400 1.50 7200 900
500 1.80 10800 1350

(Monthly rate per square foot per month)

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