New speed limits to apply on Yamuna Expressway from Dec 17

On Yamuna Expressway, the new speed limit of vehicles has been implemented since Saturday. Light vehicles will not run at a speed of more than 75 kilometers per hour, while the speed of heavy vehicles has been fixed at 60 kilometers per hour. However, due to lack of preparation, there will be no fine for those who violate the speed limit currently. Action against such drivers will be taken fromĀ  Monday onwards.

On Saturday, officials of the Yamuna Authority also inspected the expressway. The officers said that the Expressway Management Committee is putting the warning board. There is a speed limit board at just one place as of now. Instructions have been given to place the board in other places as well. New speed limit information has also been given on the mobile application of Express Way. The management committee has sought a report on Monday.

It is important that the number of accidents increases due to fog every year on Express Way. This time the Yamuna Authority has reduced the speed limit to prevent accidents due to fog. Before that, the speed of light vehicles on expressways was 100 km per hour and the speed limit of heavy vehicles was 80 km per hour.

The new system of speed limit has been implemented from the Yamuna Expressway on Saturday. However, due to lack of preparation, the drivers who break the rules are not being fined. There is work to set up a warning board on expressway. Action will begin on Monday.

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  1. good decision, because in winter fog is most dangerous for road, many accident occur due to for fog in winter, if your speed more than 80 you cannot stop vehicle in second.

    very good decision for road safety.

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