Newspaper printing delayed by several in the US due to cyber attack

Due to cyber attacks in the US, people received newspapers several hours late on Saturday. It is believed that this was due to a malware attack. Actually, the system of newspapers offices stopped working due to cyber attacks. Consequently the newspapers were published late and the Hawkers got the copies late. This has led to the delay in reaching of the homes of the people.

According to the LA Times reports on Saturday, the server has had a problem first. After this, the computer of Tribune Publishing malfunctioned, which was linked to the production and printing of many major newspapers in the country. This affected the delivery of LA Times, San Diego Union Tribune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal. According to the report, it can not be said that how many subscribers were affected by this, but people got the newspaper several hours later than usual.

According to sources, the purpose of the attack was to disable the infrastructure, especially the server. The Homeland Security Department said that “we are aware of the report of possible malware attack, which has affected many newspapers. We are trying to understand the situation together with the government and industry partners. It is too early to say anything about the attackers.”

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