Salary of 4 million employees withheld due to US govt shutdown

American MPs have left for their homes on Christmas Holiday, which has resulted in partial shutdown in government departments. This standoff arose from President Donald Trump’s demand for financing for wall construction on the US-Mexico border. The White House budget director said that this deadlock could continue until January of the coming of the new Congress. The American Federation of Government Employees said that more than 4,00,000 federal employees came to work on Monday but they would not get their salary.

The Federation said in the letters to the Senate and the House of Representatives, “No private business or company can be allowed to disrupt the lives of employees in this manner.” Finance department is fully funded till September 2019 but due to the stalled activities of the departments, the functioning of several major agencies will be closed on Saturday.
The possibility of an agreement to end the lack of financing seems to be very low because the Congress proceedings have been postponed for Christmas at the weekend.

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