Samsung accused of using DSLR picture for promoting Galaxy A8

Smartphone companies show the best pictures taken by their phones at the launch event. That’s right too as it’s marketing and getting more customers. But what if a company does marketing by claiming the picture clicked by DSLR to be taken by its smartphone? This is just like keeping the customers confused and conning them.

According to the report, South Korean technology company Samsung is accused of using a picture taken from DSLR for the marketing of Galaxy A8 Star in Malaysia. One Serbian photographer is Dunja Djudjic who claimed that the picture which Samsung has used is hers. Not only that, she has also claimed that this photo was clicked by her and it has been edited on Photoshop and used by Samsung.

According to Djudjic, her picture has been edited with Photoshop and the background has been changed. The photos have been touched up and the hair color has also been changed. There is a color correction in the face. She said Editing is strange and said that she did not like it at all.

She has said that the page of Samsung’s Malaysia website has used her picture for publicity. Samsung has shown it as a picture taken from Galaxy A8 Star and claims that such a picture comes from the portrait of this smartphone. This is a mid-range smartphone. Djudjic has clearly said that the picture that Samsung has used has not been clicked by Galaxy A8 Star but has been clicked with her DSLR. She sold that photo to EyeEm and perhaps Samsung bought it.

At present Samsung has not got any statement on this matter.

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