Sant Atmobodhanand disappears from AIIMS Rishikesh

After admitting Sant Atmobodhanand, who has been fasting for Ganga protection from last 39 days in AIIMS Rishikesh, he suddenly disappeared on Saturday. The hospital administration and the police were stirred by his unexplained absence from AIIMS.
According to the information, doctors went for a round at around 3 o’clock, were¬†Atmobodhanand not on his beds in the medicine department. When the CCTV footage was reviewed, he was seen going out with two people. They did not go to the front gate and went out from the back gate were there was less security.

AIIMS PRO Harish Mohan Thapliyal told that the AIIMS administration called Haridwar Police and it came to know that they have reached Maitriasadan. At the same time, when he reached Maitrisadan, after seeing his condition, the other swami’s accused the hospital administration of attempting to murder him.
Maitrasadan’s head Swami Sivananda has already written a letter to the SSP to register a case against DM and other police officers for their use of force.

Recently the Brahmachari Swami Atmobodhanand of Maitrisadan, who was fasting for 39 days for Ganga protection, was forcefully taken toRishikesh AIIMS by the administration. Atmobodhanand opposed to be taken forcibly, but was still taken.

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