Temperature in Champawat plummets to -1 degree Celsius

Chapawat’s mountainous part has started getting cold. Due to this water in pipes has started to freeze. Last night at Champawat, the minimum temperature was minus one degree Celsius. According to the Meteorological Department, the district’s mercury is likely to fall further in the coming days.

People in the district headquarters are feeling the cold night these days. For the past two days, the district weather has undergone a change. It is getting cold in the morning in the evening. The cold winds of the day have made life difficult for the people. At night, there is a lot of dew falling down here. Due to this, the water in the taps has started to freeze here. The temperature was minus one degree recorded in the district headquarters on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Although there is a lot of sunshine in the day. But due to the snowy winds, the sun heat is being ineffective.

Chance of rain and snowfall in four districts of Uttarakhand

There is a possibility of cold weather in the state for the next few days. According to the Meteorological Center, there is possibility of rain and snow somewhere in Uttarkashi, Chamoli, Rudraprayag and Pithoragarh in the next 24 hours. In the next 48 hours, warnings of cold wave have been issued in the plains of the state especially in Haridwar and UdhamSinghNagar districts. In the capital, the minimum temperature will be four degrees, and the cold winds in the afternoon will provide no respite from the cold in the weather.

On Wednesday, the minimum temperature in Doon was two degree below normal at 4.4 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature was two degrees below 18.9 degree Celsius. Bikram Singh, director of the Meteorological Center, said that snow may occur in the mountainous areas over the next few days. This may cause further fall in temperature. Now in the plains, there will be dense fog for the next few days. This can cause difficulties in traffic.

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