This app lets you read deleted WhatsApp messages

In everyday life, almost everyone uses WhatsApp to send or receive many messages during the day. Some of these messages are those that are of importance but are accidentally deleted, which cause many problems. Many times you receive a message but the sender soon removes it. Curiosity generally gets the better of us & we are eager to know what was in that message. So let’s know how you can read easily deleted messages from WhatsApp without having to restore your backup which can be quite cumbersome.

In fact, the deleted messages are stored in the notification system of the Android system. If you want to read them again, you will need to install the app called ‘Notisave’ from Google Play Store. Now you have to allow the app to read the messages you received in WhatsApp. Have access to photos and media. After this, notifications permissions should be set to allowed to notify WhatsApp notifications.

With this app you can read the deleted message. In this, not only WhatsApp but also you can read notifications from hangouts, SMS, and other notifications coming to your Android phone. However, it also includes some conditions. As the phone restarted, users will not be able to read WhatsApp messages. You can not recapture messages after 100 characters. This trick is just for Android device.

This app can read deleted messages:
1. Search Notisave by visiting Google Play Store. Notisave is an app that records all your notifications.
2. Install and open Notisave.
3. Then this app will ask you for permission to access the notification. Have access to photos and media.
4. Many app notifications will appear before you. You can choose only WhatsApp from it.
5. After that, select WhatsApp on Status Bar.
6. After that, turn on Application is Date in Settings. You will now be able to see deleted messages.

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