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UGC to stop winter session admission in Uttarakhand Open University

This year, the Uttarakhand Open University will not enroll new students in the Winter Session (January-2019). The University Grants Commission (UGC) has banned it. Now only the summer session will run and this will be the process of admission. Thousands of students were shocked by the closure of the winter session. About 20 thousand admissions were held in the winter session last year.
Two sessions of Summer and Winter were being conducted at Uttarakhand Open University. In the summer session, the process of enrollment was going on in June and in the winter session from January 1. This allowed students to get admission twice a year.

UGC (University Grants Commission) has expressed strong disagreement with the open University for taking admission in two sessions in a year. According to sources, the UGC has ordered that the open university can run only one session summer or winter session.
UOU was given the opportunity to opt for a session on which the university administration has decided to close the winter session. University administration has decided that only summer sessions will be held from July to June. Admission for the 2019 session will be held in June.

Winter admission session has been closed after getting guidance from UGC. Students will not be admitted in this time. Now it will be admitted only in the summer session in June.

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