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Uttarakhand govt increases budget by 5000 crore

This year, the total budget of the state has increased by 5055 crores compared to the previous year. The total budget for the last financial year was 42 thousand 972 crore. Which has increased to 48 thousand 37 crores this year. The government has presented a supplementary budget of Rs 2452 crore in the Assembly on Tuesday. While this year’s main budget of 45 thousand 585 crore rupees was passed in Gairsain. Thus, the total size of the state budget in the current financial year has been 48, 037 crores. The state’s main budget for 2017-18 was 39957 crores. Later, the government presented a supplementary budget of Rs 3015 crore. The total budget of 2017-18 was 42 thousand 972 million. Which was less than five thousand crore from the current budget.

Supplementary budget less than last year

In the last year, the government presented a supplementary budget of Rs 3,115 crore in the assembly. While this year total of 2452 crore has been presented. Finance Minister Pant told that the size of the budget could be less in the different financial year. Similarly supplementary budgets can be even lower.

Budget proposals demanded by 7th December

The government has also started preparing for the next fiscal year’s budget. Departments had demanded budget proposals till November 10. The departments which have not yet given the budget proposals have been asked to submit the proposal till December 7. Finance Secretary Amit Negi has instructed all departments to do this.

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